How To Be A Successful Business Owner

Anita Vroonland - 3/5/2015

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Men is by nature expensive, so anyone should be rich by being both a consumer and a producer

One of our millionaire mentors John Lavenia here shares his most vital tip on how to be a successful business owner. As I think you’re already a tribal rainmaker – yep, you didn’t know it yet… – and tribal rainmakers are not alone leaders themselves, they also create leaders within, I am grateful to be able to share this with you… as it’s so true!

Broadly speaking, there are two types of people in the world. One type is known as LEADERS, and the other as FOLLOWERS. Decide at the outset whether you intend to become a leader in your chosen calling, or remain a follower. The difference in compensation is vast. The follower cannot reasonably expect the compensation to which a leader is entitled, although many followers make the mistake of expecting such pay.

Decide means ‘cut yourself off’ of anything other than you’ve decided to do. And that you act in alignment with your decision. No action means you’ve not really decided.

Powerful information! So… decide on the outset!

A Tribal Rainmaker is one of those rare people who devote their lives to developing assets, resources and relationships for their tribes, a leader who reliably delivers what the tribe needs, bringing tangible results to the tribe, while creating leaders within. Tribal Rainmakers are the most influencial people in the world. The best Tribal Rainmakers are people who work with their tribes to start huge movements, which produce thriving new businesses and world-changing impact. Dave Logan, co-author of Tribal Leadership and partner

I think that fulfilment in life always has to do with things that matter… things that matter always involve making a difference for the people, the tribes, we’re surrounded with. So basicly, anyone would love to be a Tribal Rainmaker or wonders how to be a successful business owner, if they would think of the world only. Many people are already tribal rainmakers, only they know it yet… think of being a mom or a dad… or an entrepreneur… you must lead yourself and you’re probably leading your family or kids or the people you work with. So it’s our task to be the Tribal Rainmaker we want to be, to offer our tribes things we can offer them through our passions.

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