Rewriting Your Future

Anita Vroonland - 2/4/2015

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Rewriting your future

Did you know you can rewriting your future is attainable in any moment in time? It's what your subconsiousness holds in beliefs that's pushing you forward or holding you back. Your subconsiousness is filled with lessons from the past; what your mom said, your dad, your teachers, anyone who had an impact on your life. All of those lessons were filled with love I'm sure, but some of them were rubbish or at least only valid for the time they were offered to you. And anyone could have made an impact on you then, no matter how brief.

I know I had an exam one  when I was young, where an unkown lady was invited to the exams to ... judge us, right?! :) After I scored a 9 for my English, she looked at me briefly and said 'she'll make it in life'. I never saw her again, but those words had a profound impact on me and my life. I simply knew I had everything it took to make it in life.

Just like you. You can do so much more it'll make you head spin.

Rewriting your future.

If only...

... you let our belief in you guide you. If you let yourself grow into the certainty that you can do anything - especially if there are already people doing what you want to accomplish in life. And then dwell on how YOUR perfect life looks like... with whom, where, to be what, to do what, to have what, to give what...

I ran my life for a long time like it was meant to be... get a degree, get a job, make promotions, you know the drill... until my secretary litterally dropped from her chair one day and died instantly... that's when I had my epiphany that I wasn't meant to be most of my time in an office I didn't own, doing stuff I enjoyed, but I knew it wasn't my purpose.

And running your life off course is screaming rewriting your future all over it, right?

So I started rewriting my future although I didn't have a clue what my purpose was truthfully... I just knew I had to get out of there and do something for myself. And since I think the internet is the greatest invention on earth, I slowly started there... slowly, since it took ages in my book the village I live in even provided a connection... ahh, how fortunate we are all now with all the wistles and bells we can now play on our laptops, iPhones and iPads... we are truly blessed!

Dave Logan of explains here the Batman Effect, do you see how you can start rewriting your future for yourself?

Since your income will be the average of the 5 people you get along with the most, I founded the, where you can instantly hook yourself up with awesome 6, 7 and 8 figure income-earners to increase your income. It's where we value FUN, FREEDOM & FULFILMENT, respecting the 6 human needs: 

personal needs:

  1) certainty

  2) variety

  3) significance

  4) love/connection

spiritual needs:

  5) growth

  6) contribution

Now that you know more about rewriting your future, we invite you to click the link and check it out, because my purpose is all about bringing full Fun, Freedom & Fulfilment to individuals, their families and tribes through unscalable, online systems that simply work to give class to the mass, to enjoy your annual income in a month and much more.

We envision giving a ton of Tribal Rainmakers full FUN, FREEDOM & FULFILMENT to do whatever they were meant to do on this beauriful planet, to fulfil their purpose.

Check out our blog at the
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Anita Vroonland

We believe that any major, definite purpose involves helping others. We think helping people make significant money online is the best thing ever, as we can all build on the strengths of our 6, 7 and 8 figure mentors here online and become more powerful together... it\'s our vision, our purpose, to help millions of people globally to live their designed future in stead of their default future, enjoying Full FUN, FREEDOM & FULFILMENT by offering simple online systems to make money online in a so called level 4 to 5 culture. Results in a higher culture ALWAYS outperform results of a lower culture. More fun too! We think everyone wants to be a Tribal Rainmaker in one\'s own field of passion, especially moms and entrepreneurs. I for one wanted to be one from home to get my family and legacy full fun, freedom & fulfilment. Hence our blog at the welcome!
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