How to Survive Zombie Apocalypse - Russian Hacker Style

Mike Cotton - 4/6/2015

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How to Survive Zombie Apocalypse

I love how the Russian Hacker talks, so I've decided to word this description exactly like he talks:

Dis video is all about how to survive zombie apocalypse.

If you find yourself in middle of a zombie attack and only have limited things you can find to survive, watch dis video and it will show you 10 different things to help you in case you wonder how to survive zombie apocalypse.

From orange candle to building flashlight from battery, bulb and "staples" (AKA paper clips, LOL), you can easily know how to survive zombie apocalypse.

OK. End crazy Russian accent.

I've been following this guy's videos for a long time. I love the way he talks. The things he teaches are pretty cool, too. If you're really in to outdoor living, a lot of the things he teaches in this video can be applied. Or if you find yourself stranded somewhere, a few of these tips could honestly be life savers.

Oh, by the way. If you ever find yourself stranded in Russia. Look this guy up! He could help with:

How to Survive Zombie Apocalypse


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