Eat Like You Mean It (intro)

Steve Perkins - 3/11/2015

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Steve Perkins (The Cooking Buff) from The Muscle Kitchen

Eat Like You Mean It, Eating Smart

Simply put, the title indicates being serious about your fuel intake. Okay, you don't want to change from eating what your emotional dictates, not your fine tuned intellect. Fine. After your big expensive health crisis, you'll listen with different ears. 

I'm sorry I get a big tough about people eating stuff that's making them sick, then ramping up healthcare costs for all of us in the process. Eating smart is cheaper than the other options (health costs, down time, loss of work, pleasure, self-esteem, contributing to the world at large or small....).
Eating smart used to be the only option
Now we can jam all kinds of unnatural pseudo foods/drinks into our bodies and still function minimally. Achievers and sports figures know this. Survivors of health crises do too. Just ask me.

I grew up the corn belt, mid Indiana. All our foods were locally sourced, Joe's Dairy, Mary's tomatos, Aunt Libby's killer cucumbers, nothing or very little from beyond the county lines. "Eating smart "was just pragmatic. English truffles ... not so much.

No regrets, eating smart has HUGE benefits (duh)

Lower healthcare costs, more productivity, energy, self-esteem.... and looking good is great byproduct of eating smart, dontcha think?

Video series by Steve Perkins (The Cooking Buff) of The Muscle Kitchen.