What are you Grateful for today?

Linda Ballis - 4/13/2015

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What are you Grateful for today?

One of the secrets in life is the importance of learning how to stay grateful when nothing in life seems to work. Remember no matter where you are in life you could be in a worse place. Everyone in life has things to be grateful for. Next time you catch yourself complaining, stop and think of something or someone that is worse off and you will instantly feel better. Make a point of asking yourself What are you Grateful for today?

This increases your energy levels. All emotions in life vibrate at different levels and happiness, joy and success are far higher vibrational levels than sadness and despair and unhappiness. When you vibrate at a certain level that is what you attract into your life. This is why people that are successful seem to attract more of the same into their lives because that is what they are attracting.

Your perspective on any situation will determine whether you feel thankful and grateful, or hard done by. When you ask yourself, What are you Grateful for today, then listen to the answers, this can change your perspective from hard done by to thankful and this will definitely change how you react to any situation.

Be thankful for your past and current failures because it is from these experiences that you learn the most not from the easy days.

Ask yourself What are you Grateful for today and be grateful when opportunities to improve your life come your way. It's now up to you to take action.

What are you Grateful for today?

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