What is the Federal Reserve - and how does it affect you?

Linda Ballis - 7/20/2015

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What is the Federal Reserve

Watch this video if you want to learn more about how the financial elite control your world.

Most people in the world have heard at some time about the Federal Reserve but when asked the question "What is the Federal Reserve?" they don't really understand what it is or how it works.

The Federal Reserve or "The Fed" is, in fact, a private central bank and is the most powerful non governmental organisation in the world. That's right, when you ask the question "What is the Federal Reserve?" you would expect it to be a government organisation but it isn't, despite the word Federal in its name and to make matters worse it doesn't have any reserves either.

Despite these factors, this powerful organisation controls the money supply of the United States and by default of many other countries of the world as the United States dollar is currently still the predominant world currency, even though this is changing.

The Fed has the authority to print money, manipulate interest rates and issue bailouts yet congress and the US President are not allowed full oversight over the operations of the Federal Reserve who are not being held accountable for their actions.

The Federal Reserve works very hard to make sure the American people don't understand that the Federal Reserve isn't actually a part of the government and so the government of the United States doesn't actually control its own money supply.

So if you have ever asked the question "What is the Federal Reserve?" or been asked it and couldn't answer, watching this video could provide some of the answers for you and could start you on the road to really question how the federal Reserve is controlling the American Currency and therefore by default , you.

What is the Federal Reserve


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