Would you rather have cash or Gold - with Karatbars Gold cards?

Linda Ballis - 6/29/2015

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Would you rather have cash or Gold?


Do you understand how the value of your cash money decreases over time?

Ask yourself the question, would you rather have cash or gold?

If you had a safe that you couldn't open for 10 years what would you prefer to fill it with,

$1400 in cash or
1 ounce of pure gold?

Do you have more confidence that after 10 years the cash will have maintained its purchasing power or the gold?

This video gives you some information on the question would you rather have cash or gold, in order to make the answer to this question easier to understand.

If once you have watched the video and asked yourself the question "would you rather have cash or gold" and if you understand that the correct answer to "what would you prefer to have in your safe?" your answer is gold, join the thousands of others that are taking control of their own financial lives, one gram at a time, by partnering with the company that is bringing gold to the masses.

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Would you rather have cash or Gold?

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