How do I know which Karatbars package should I buy

Linda Ballis - 5/25/2015

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Which Karatbars package should I buy?

When people sign up with Karatbars a very common question that we get asked is “which Karatbars package should I buy?”

When people ask this I ask them in return “why are you joining Karatbars and what do you want to get out of it?”

If people say they are looking at earning money with Karatbars I recommend they purchase the highest Karatbars package they can afford.

If at all possible I suggest people start with a Karatbars VIP package. The bonuses earned with the Karatbars VIP package are much more than with a Karatbars gold or silver package but that isn’t the real reason that I recommend VIP.

The real reason I recommend people start with the Karatbars VIP package when they ask me the question Which Karatbars package should I buy is the psychological effect of paying out a decent amount of money. When you feel like you have parted with a large amount of money to get into a program you will be much more likely to work harder at it in order to recoup your money.

Mindset is the key factor to your success in any business and when you are committed you will be much more able to withstand any bumps that appear in your road. If you go in with the mindset that you are going into a “real business” your effort will be commensurate with that belief and your business will be more likely to be a success as a result. When you ask the question “which Karatbars package should I buy?” you are really asking "How hard am I willing to work?"

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Which Karatbars package should I buy?

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