Failure is only a detour to success in your home based business

Linda Ballis - 4/19/2015

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Failure is only a detour to success

In my day job I work with a company that does Lean training which teaches companies to be more efficient and therefore more productive and more profitable.

One of the main principles of “Lean” is that of looking at problems as being opportunities for improvement. A company that is truly “Lean” actually encourages their staff to look for problems because they know that this then gives them an opportunity to improve their businesses. They don’t see problems as failures, they see problems as opportunities for improvement. They recognise that failure is only a detour to success and each failure points to something that can be improved to make that success more inevitable.

Life is continually changing and with each new change comes different learning experiences. The important thing is life is to embrace these changes and just change direction when needed. Just accept the change as a detour and don’t think whatever problem you have come across is a dead end. Recognise that failure is only a detour to success and accept the learning.

So the next time you come across a situation that you may initially perceive as a failure remind yourself that you are just moving in a new direction with new knowledge and be grateful that you have been given the problem to allow you to grow and improve your life. Look on the problem as failure is only a detour to success and move forwards in a new direction.

Hopefully this difference in perception will allow you to move forwards in your home based business or in any other difficulties you are experiencing in your life.

So, I wish you all the success you need to understand that

Failure is only a detour to success

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Linda Ballis

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