Baby Elephant Falls On Its Back At Zürich Zoo, Adult Elephants Rush Over To Help

Mike Cotton - 2/26/2015

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It's all happening at our new favourite alliterative attraction, Zürich Zoo.

Specifically, it's all happening at Zürich Zoo's Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park: where a baby elephant slipped over, ended up on its back - and was immediately helped by three adult elephants.

Yes, the only thing more heartwarming than the sight of a baby elephant is the sight of a baby elephant being rescued. Aww!

MORE - Best parents ever: Moment elephants run to help tiny calf after she falls over and gets stuck in hole

This is the incredible moment a pair of elephants ran to help a tiny calf after she fell over and became wedged in a hole.

Six-week-old baby elephant Omysha was trying to climb out of the pit at Zurich Zoo, in Switzerland, when it all became too much for her tiny little legs and she tumbled backwards.

The calf landed on her bum upright and was unable to flick herself back onto four legs.

What happened next was pretty amazing.

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