The Best Business Advice I Ever Got

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Starting out as an entrepreneur in 1997 the advice I received in the first year was “invest in myself”, to invest in my education, personal growth, and future.

Here is a short list of things I do on a regular basis to invest in myself:

  • I read books and websites on the topics of sales, marketing, understanding people, and faith.
  • Taking time out of my business to bring back my focus and clarity. That means time off a.k.a VACATION and mini 1 day vacations.
  • Exercise, I haven’t always done this however as of late I do so regularly and this bring increased clarity and energy.
  • Walks, often I will just take a walk outside and flat out be with nature and the elements.
  • Hunting, once a year I take two weeks to go whitetail deer hunting .  No meetings, calls, deadlines, or even an exhausting vacation and I know you know what I mean by exhausting vacations.


So is this selfish? I don’t think so because all of this makes me a better person in my business, family, and faith.

I hope you find time to invest in yourself as I have, I know I am a better person because of it.

Now, what would you add or better yet what was the best business advice you ever received?


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  6. My best advice? Less talk, more action.

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