Developing A Strong Social Media Campaign

Recently I received a post from a LinkedIn user who was quite bitter about Social Media. This sentiment is not that uncommon amongst my executive contacts and many of the very successful business owners I know.

I understand how at face value, social media seems like a big cluster of chaos. I mean really, how impactful can a tweet be or a LinkedIn group post or a fan page post?

Obviously strategy and tactics are requisite for success with these social tools, but failing social media campaigns are not always because of a poor strategy. Let me share with you some of our core beliefs from My Corporate Media, Your Social Media Advisor.

There are only three major components to creating successful (and profitable) social media campaigns:

1. Quality Content
2. Trust & Credibility
3. Capacity to Communicate/ Distribution Destinations (ie Group)s, Fan Pages, Followers, Etc.)

If any of these are missing from your social media campaign, IT WILL FAIL… period end of story! So for all the nay sayers out there, I challenge you to measure you successes (or failures) against these 3 categories. I would suggest that if you failed, you left out one of these 3 categories.

I share this with great confidence because My Corporate Media teaches others to follow this model and they do profit. They have attracted top fortune 1000 companies, earned 27,000 in 7 hours of real time marketing efforts, earned 250,000 over the course of 12 months, grew communities to 8,500 members in 11 days and there are many more examples.

So, my final thought for anyone that doesn’t believe social media is a place for business or a place for businesses to profit; adjust your strategy around these three principles for your next campaign and let us know how well you succeed!




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Using LinkedIn to Build an Advisory Board

By Nathan Kievman

LinkedIn has been the best place to connect with people I never would have met otherwise. I love this media vehicle to accomplish all sorts of business objectives.

One of the many things I use LinkedIn for is creating sustainable, real, and valuable relationships with people I would be interested in having on my advisory board.

In a little over a months time, I was able to round out my business (Consulting Businesses on Strategic Alliances) and have a vast network of “experts” join my advisory board.

I used several methods to identify these individuals:

1. Joined groups where these individuals would likely hang out

2. Engaged the groups in discussions to build credibility (this process was key to enable the people I was seeking to contact me first)

3. I also searched for key people with certain titles with the search feature

4. When I found a new person I was interested in, I figured out what they needed first and tried to help them achieve their goals. (when you help someone, a vacuum is created and they feel compelled to help you sooner than later)

Before you start doing the above steps to build out your advisory board, be certain to do a strengths and weaknesses analysis of your self. Know exactly what you are good at and not so good at.

You must also do an analysis of your goals, see where you want to go and identify the key players that could help you achieve these goals, then include this type of person as a position to fill on your advisory board.

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5 Linkedin Profile Tips That I Know Drive Results

Over the last year I have written about my experience and success with driving resultsLinkedin Strategies that have produced measurable results. While I often get very target specific on articles, this week I wanted to just provide five tips that will drive results for your profile.

Here are 5 (five) Tips that will drive Profile results on Linkedin:

1. Your Headline: Should communicate your focus and how you can help others. This is not the place to name the company you’re a part of. You are listing that in your current employment. Take mine for example, currently I have this as my headline (which is directly under your name)

“Sales & Marketing Director | Social Media Strategist focusing on Lead Generation, ROI, Optimization, and Brand Advocacy”

2. Label your websites! People are more likely to click web links that have a few keywords rather than “my website”. Simply go to edit and change them with the selection of “other” and follow it from there.

3. Public Profile Link: This should just be your full name at the end and no numbers or other data. Be sure to change this if it does not read similar to mine.  . This will give you a slightly better ranking on Google. (by the way have you googled your name lately?)

4. Your Summary: This is a summary of why you’re on Linkedin and how you can help others. Again communicate your focus.

5. Specialties: Load your specialties with very specific keywords that relate to your unique experience. Put some real thought into this as this will drive search results that may feature you when Linkedin users search for specific keywords. For example I did not just put sales in mine, I also listed “Strategic Account Management”, this is just one example of how targeted I have gotten on my specialties. This has paid major dividends for me.

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5 Keys to Writing Killer Linkedin Status Updates

Killer Status UpdatesYou’re now on Linkedin, so how do you drive brand recognition, lead generation, and buzz? One great way is through Linkedin Status Updates. These are on an individuals profile under their headline and in the log in section of your account in the center near the top.



Here are 5 Keys to updating your status on Linkedin.

1. Think “Attention Grabbers”, Words or phrases that will stand out. When people are accessing their account , think about what words or phrases will catch their attention?

2. Once you have your subject, one way to be creative is to think of  subject or topic “keyword(s)” that can be listed first. For example if you look below in my status update I have put the subject as TWITTER. Here is a bonus, put only the subject keyword in caps and drive more attention.

 status updates 1

3. Create a call to action by providing a link. This link can be to your website, blog, linkedin group, event signup, survey, etc…

4. Try to keep your status update no more than 60 characters or around this number. One tip is to try to keep it less than 10 words. The shorter you keep it, then the more attention you will grab.

5. Use link shrinking for long url’s. Some providers you can use are  ,  , and the best one being  which allows you to track how many times someone clicks on the link.

3 Special Bonus Tips to measure your efforts

1. Using the  is an easy way to track click throughs.
2. Track comments made on your status updates, no comments? Then be more creative.
3. Watch on the right side of your linkedin account and see if your profile views increase.

~Randy Schrum

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Optimizing Your LinkedIn Network & Profile

mathEquationLinkedin can be an endless source of leads, job opportunities, referrals, and multiple income streams. However, none of that matters if you have not optimized your efforts both with your network and your profile.

Optimizing your network: First key step to optimizing your Linkedin network is to build a network based off the target market you are after and want to penetrate. In order to do this write a list of potential industries and titles you are targeting. Then identify those you have interacted with in the past and invite them to connect with you. You can also target those on Linkedin within the advanced search option, who are open networkers. Using such search terms such as LION,, and opennetworker can generate a long list of members whom provide their email address readily to accept connection invites. In addition you can add the keywords of your target market in the search allowing you to find those open to connecting within your target audience.

The next key to optimizing your network is to add tags or categories to your connections so you can effectively manage which target market they fall within your connection base.
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Bonus Network Tip: Now that you have the right target people in your network be sure to reach out to them and keep them updated via email or by updating your status in your Linkedin profile on a regular basis.

Optimizing your profile:

Your Linkedin Profile is your online professional brand, just google your name and see what pops up. More than likely your Linkedin profile showed up near the top.
I often tell people “Your Linkedin Profile is Your Resume”, so how well does yours read?

1. First of all is your profile complete? Things such as work history and education are critical.
2. Have you written a compelling headline?
3. Do you have a good profile picture loaded? Preferably a nice headshot professionally done.
4. Think about your list of specialties and make sure they are keyword rich so you appear in more searches and are found easily within Linkedin for your target audience.

The first key is completing your profile. I cannot stress enough how an optimized profile is critical to measurable success on Linkedin.

Bonus Profile Tip:

Take a look at my profile and in the summary you will see I noted common misspells of my name. Why have I done this? Because someone may misspell your name searching for you on Linkedin and never find you if it’s not within your profile.

~Randy Schrum

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What is your Linkedin status?

What is your Linkedin status? Better yet, what are you working on? 

If you are reading this article then you have some idea of the power of Linkedin or what it can be for you as a business professional. With that said, do you understand how critical updating your status and profile are?    I hope to help show you the benefit in doing just that on a regular basis.

First, what is updating your status?

You can do this by logging into your Linkedin account and near the center of the page you will find the option to post “what you are working on” under "network activity", this will be found below your inbox preview and network updates section. This is not found on the top with all the other tabs.  Updating your status on Linkedin shows up to all your connections when they are logged in to their account. This keeps brand image in front of them on a regular basis. I try to update at least every 24 hours with something new. This is not the place to say “I just ate a cheese burger”. This is the place to promote your business, what you're doing for work i.e., seeing a new customer, doing a workshop, promoting your companies charity, promoting your charity, promoting an industry related article you just read, promoting an article you just wrote on your blog, and many other related topics to your business.   

You can also make slight changes to your profile summary which in turns shows up in your connections view. This once again just gives a friendly reminder that you are out their.   

So do your connections know your status? Better yet do your connections remember they are connected with you? Start updating your status on a regular basis and watch your profile views increase. The more profile views can only lead to more opportunities.   

Social Media Stats for the Business Professional

Some interesting social media stats for the business professional that I pulled from various online sources:

• Social Media Sites are officially more popular than porn sites.
• Blogger has over 200,000,000 Blogs.
• Youtube sees over 65,000 new videos a day.
• 150,000,000 the number of Youtube videos viewed per day.
• 73% of active online users have a read a blog.
• 45% have started their own blog.
• 39% subscribe to RSS feed.
• 57% have joined a Social Network
• 55% have uploaded videos
• 83% watch video clips
• 684,000,000 the number of visitors to Wikipedia in the last year
• 75,000 active contributors to Wikipedia
• 3,000,000 Tweets per day on Twitter
• 500,000 people join per day to facebook
• Dell, Jetblue, Southwest, Starbucks & others use Twitter to communicate and generate sales with customers.
• 36,000,000 Linkedin Members as of January
• 10,000,000 visited Twitter in February up 700:% from previous year.

Why should we care as business professionals?

Only 14% of people polled trust conventional advertisement, but 78% trust the recommendations of others.

34% polled post recommendations and thoughts on blogs about products or services they use.

36% think more postively about companies who have blogs

32% trust bloggers opinions on goods and services

If you’re a business professional reading these stats and your not participating in Social Media then your missing the future of the way business is done.


Sources: Time, University of Mccain, Forrester Research, Nielsen

Why Accept Invites to Connect on Linkedin?

Why Accept Invites to Connect on Linkedin?

Over the last several months I have seen a wide variety of people make comments on “invites to connect” or “join my network” on Linkedin. If we are to deliver a verdict on receiving invites to connect as whether good or bad. We should at least understand the power of a connection as it pertains to Linkedins design for the business professional.

When someone accepts an invitation to connect the first thing to bring to our attention is the opportunity to accept that invite and more importantly “respond” to the invite after accepting. I have developed a short 3 bullet response that I have made as personal as I can that drives the person to view me and my brand. This aspect alone has yielded me business.

Next, when you accept an invitation to connect you not only gain that connection you also have the potential reach now to your connections connections. (no, your eyes are not crossed). Let me explain, in my current role at Centimark one thing I do is Business Development. I basically find key contacts/ decision makers of Fortune 500 companies and introduce Centimark. More specifically the people I am looking for are in strategic sourcing & enterprise procurement to name a few. When I want to find the key “strategic sourcing manager” at XYZ company one thing I do is search Linkedin on the search bar for “Strategic Sourcing XYZ company” or whatever other keywords I may use. My search will return with the results. Most of the time those people are in my extended network of my connections.

“In other words my search is actually powered by the size of my network of connections.”

Of which I am allowed to see their name since they are in my extended network.  Where otherwise they could be on Linkedin and I would not be able to see them unless I subscribe to the Linkedin “premium” service.  This allows me to develop a strategy to contact that person. Where as before I did not have the persons name, now I do. If it goes no further on Linkedin that’s okay, but it could as my connections may be able to introduce me.  If not I can then move to other third party resources such as to maybe get the other contact info. While my search strategy is “specific” to me, yours could be for other target specific people.  If you are ever in the job market and search the jobs on Linkedin wouldn’t it be nice to have some people in your network who work at the companies you may be applying for?  Today more than ever companies view your online presence as a plus for your resume as well.  I often say “Your Profile is Your Resume”, but thats another article.  Almost 50% of Linkedin is made up of business professionals who are considered decision makers. Nearly 7% are considered to be either Presidents, EVP’s, or VP’s.

The power of connections is truly remarkable. While we may think we have nothing in common with a potential direct connection. I hope this sheds some light on the subject. Take time to consider the potential reach that connection may have for you no matter how indirectly it may be.

If you find yourself with more questions and not sure how to be successful with Linkedin join the “Success With Linked n” Group here   We collaborate together on how to be successful using Linkedin.

Randy Schrum

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Social Media & Online Networking 101

So what is Social Media & Online Networking and how can it affect me? I realize talking about this subject many are looking into what “Social Media” even is, some have started working with it, and others could be considered fairly well versed. Right about now I am thinking of a very funny clip that probably is taking place with some who are here to read and learn…you can watch it here or just continue…

The “Goal” of this article is to help people in whatever area they may be.

So lets give “Social Media & Networking” a definition even though its truly an organic evolving idea.

“Social Media & Networking is the online/ digital collaboration for people to share, connect, imagine, facilitate, influence, and even create, both professionally and personally online.”

 Another Definition is…

“The new WEB 2.0″ this is you and us online interacting together!

So now we have defined it, what makes it so attractive? I believe because it is “us” the new WEB 2.0 defining it. People are bombarded with massive amounts of information on a daily basis and have functioned in an environment of news, marketing, media, advertising, and information that has left people saying we have had enough.

Social Media platforms have awaken in the middle of this massive bombardment of information. Such platforms such as myspace, facebook, twitter, linkedin, ecademy, xing, plaxo, blogger, wordpress, youtube, and many more. While we still see the marketing, advertising, news, etc… We do so more at “our” terms. Making things more “target” specific for us the consumer. This leaves the business strategist to refine & rethink the ways to reach the new WEB 2.0 generation. The key element of understanding the strategy is that it will be determined & policied by “us” the consumer. Others would argue that current media is determined and policied by us, in part that it is true as regular media avenues are declining in profit or aren’t profitable at all. So yes we have policied it and delivered our verdict. That verdict is that “you have not listened” to us. So its being taken over by us, for us. This is not to be intended a political statement in no way, however it is a culture shift.

So just how much steam has Social Media & Online Networking have? You can read that many companies are willing to pay hundreds of thousand of dollars for people on twitter who have large followings to mention their product on a daily basis. Facebook is growing by 500,000 members a day! Every Linkedin connection you have is currently considered to be worth real dollars according to an independent research done by forrester. News of the plane hitting the Hudson was first broke on twitter! The power of social media is here to stay we all must learn to adapt, rethink, and re-value our ideas.

So how do you begin if your new? I would recommend identify 2 or 3 social media platforms to work with and choose to master one of them.  The key tip I can give you is that “Your Profile is Your Resume” this tip crosses the social media platforms.  Additionally I would recommend that one of the platforms be linkedin as an adult this site is a great resource to advance & add resources to your career.  You can learn more on how to be successful on Linkedin at my blog The other platforms to give strong consideration currently are twitter and facebook.  I could name another 10 to 15 more, but these few I mentioned can get a beginner started.

One thing in common with most of these social media platforms is connections or followers. See my link at the top about putting your connection building on a hybrid.

Lastly I suggest watching, Lewis Howes short presentation on 8 Social Media
tips. You can view those here.


Be sure to check back often to The Aggressive Networker as we will try to provide you cutting edge information on Professional Networking 2.0

Randy Schrum
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Be Found By Your Past "email" on Linkedin

Be found by your email past on Linkedin

Here is one thing most of us are not thinking of. Add your old email address’s that you still have access too! Why? Many people you may have worked with in the past or done business with may look for you on Linkedin with your “old” email address. Past contacts may load your “old” email address in order to invite you to connect, but if your email address is not one of the “confirmed” address’s (of which many email address’s can be associated with your account) then your past contact may not find you if they load your “old” email.

My friend Patrick O Malley has a great video on how to add more email address’s if you do not know how. Here is the link…


Randy Schrum



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